Social media that pays you
It's time you stop giving your creative work for free. Turn your likes into money on 1ramp. A Steem-Blockchain powered social media that rewards you for sharing your valuable work with the community.
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What's different?


Join creative communities of your interest and share your work with them.


Earn money (Steem Dollars) when others like your posts on 1ramp.


Compete in engaging live contests and earn additional rewards.

And more...

Earn by doing what you love, own your content and join the Decentralize revolution.

Available on
Google Play Web

How you can use rewards?


You can withdraw your earned Steem Dollars into your bank account.


Also send and receive Steem Dollars from your Steem wallet.


Pay in Steem Dollars to join contests and win exciting prizes.


Use your Steem Dollars on the HapStore to buy unique products.

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